How Excessive Mileage Fees Are Handled by FairLease

Published February 6, 2019

Key Takeaways

  • No matter what the reason, going over the maximum miles in your contract. 
  • At FairLease, we believe your lease vehicle is meant to be enjoyed to its absolute fullest.
  • Your lease vehicle should be enjoyed on the road, not gathering dust in your driveway.

People go over the maximum number of miles agreed to on their lease contracts for a number of perfectly understandable reasons, and we’ve heard them all. Sometimes it’s because they are in a happy long-term relationship (congratulations!) and are eager to spend more time with their partner in their home city. Or maybe they accepted a dream job and have a long commute to get there every day. Maybe they are just the adventurous type who loves nothing more than enjoying the open road and exploring the wonderful byways and towns of the country.

No matter what the reason, going over the maximum miles in your contract and getting hit with excessive mileage fees can be frustrating. These fees are typical of every lease contract, but the rates can vary wildly. They average about 15 cents a mile throughout the industry, but some companies charge as high as 30 cents. When you first sign that lease, tens of thousands of miles allotted to you may seem like a mile marker that you’ll never reach, but – as anyone who has leased a vehicle before knows – those miles can add up very quickly. Before you know it, you’ve gone over that number, and your over-mileage fees have become an expense you didn’t plan for.

At FairLease, we believe your lease vehicle is meant to be enjoyed to its absolute fullest, and that means your life shouldn’t be interrupted and your plans cancelled because you’re having to get stingy with your miles. Automobiles mean freedom, and if you have access to one you should be able to use it.

That’s why we only charge 10 cents per mile when you exceed the mileage allotted in your contract. That’s over 30% less than the 15-cent industry average, 60% less than companies that charge 25 cents per mile, and almost 67% less than companies that charge 30 cents per mile. For people with places to be and things to do, that can really amount to huge savings. For example, let’s say you go 1000 miles over your maximum. With FairLease, that would only run you $100. With a company that charges 30 cents per mile, that same number of miles would cost you $300 dollars! That’s a $200 savings just for leasing through FairLease instead of one of the other companies. Additionally, with FairLease, if you were to exceed your mileage and the vehicle is still worth the residual value at the term, there wouldn’t be any charge for those extra miles.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and our willingness to work with our customers. If you ever have an issue with your FairLease mileage fees, we encourage you to reach out to us, either by phone, text message, or chat via our website.

So, go ahead and plan a romantic evening in another city, make your epic commute to work, or embark on another adventure on the open road. With FairLease, you can go wherever you want and be confident that we won’t nickel and dime you with excessive overage fees.

Your lease vehicle should be enjoyed on the road, not gathering dust in your driveway.

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