15/20/30 Mortgages

We'll explain all the benefits and help you find a loan with a low rate to fit your budget and lifestyle. When it comes to buying a home, turn to our trusted experts.

A longer mortgage term can hold down your monthly payments. A shorter term can often save you money over time and build equity in your home quicker. When you have questions, we're here for you at every step, from getting prequalified for a mortgage to searching for the right home and mortgage to closing the deal.

  • Choose mortgage terms of 15, 20 or 30 years*
  • Competitive rates and low closing costs
  • Money-saving refinancing options available
  • Mortgage interest may be tax-deductible (Consult your financial advisor)

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15-Year Mortgages

Though you'll pay more each month, you can save thousands in interest charges over the life of the loan and eliminate your debt much faster.

20-Year Mortgages

This loan term is rapidly becoming more popular, as it offers lower monthly payments than a 15-year mortgage but still reduces overall interest charges and builds equity quickly.

30-Year Mortgages

The most common home loan usually features the lowest monthly payments and, often, the most tax advantages. Want to pay off your loan quicker?

The right mortgage length is the key to good living.

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15/20/30-Year Mortgage FAQs

Unlike most other lenders, we offer an option to only have a 5% down payment with no personal mortgage insurance (PMI). Everyone's situation is different though, so it's best to connect with our mortgage lending team so we can help you find the right home loan that best meets your financial needs.
    1. Get started above, or give us a call! A consultation with one of our mortgage lending specialists will lead to you getting pre-qualified for a loan. 
    2. Our mortgage lending team can find out what loan amount you may qualify for and help you pick the best type of loan for you to buy the home of your dreams.  
    3. They can also help you create a strategy for coming up with a down payment and getting your finances in order as you work towards buying your new home.
For advantages, you'll typically have a lower payment option because your payments are spread out over many more years. They also give you the best tax advantage, since interest on home mortgages is often tax-deductible. The best benefit, however, comes with getting a 30-year mortgage* from a lender like CUTX that charges no pre-payment penalty. With a 30-year loan you are obligated to a small payment, but you have the option of paying extra on your premium when you have it. This pays the loan off more quickly, rapidly builds equity, and reduces your overall interest expense. This can help with the biggest disadvantage of a 30-year mortgage, which is the accrual of more interest than with shorter-term mortgages.
You can save thousands of dollars in interest, build equity quickly, and at the end of 15 years* you’re virtually free from one of the biggest life expenses. Plus, you can often get a lower interest rate for 15-year mortgages. On the other hand, that reduces your tax benefit if you’re eligible to deduct the interest from your mortgage. And 15-year mortgage payments are significantly more expensive every month—though not double.


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NMLS #576560 Credit Union of Texas provides mortgage loans through its affiliate Texas Mortgage Lending, LLC, NMLS #1641703. CUTX home loan programs are only available in Texas. Loans are subject to credit approval, CUTX's lending policies, and property approval. Prequalification is not a commitment to lend. Membership required.

2Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. The rate you may receive will depend on your individual circumstances, including your credit history, loan amount, down payment and CUTX’s lending policies.
A typical 15-year conforming $300,000 loan with a fixed rate of 5.25% (5.707% APR) would have 180 monthly principal and interest payments of $2,411.63.
A typical 20-year conforming $300,000 loan with a fixed rate of 5.875% (6.246% APR) would have 240 monthly principal and interest payments of $2,127.72. 
A typical 30-year conforming $300,000 loan with a fixed rate of 6.00% (6.280% APR) would have 360 monthly principal and interest payments of $1,798.65.
APR means Annual Percentage Rate. The payment example is for illustrative purposes only and does not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums. If applicable, the actual payment obligation will be greater. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. The rate you may receive will depend on your individual circumstances, including your credit history, loan amount, down payment and CUTX's lending policies.