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Having auto loan pre-approval from CUTX gives you the edge when negotiating with dealers, plus a lower interest rate on your car loan.

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Get a Free Auto Loan Review

Already purchased your vehicle? Are you sure you got the very best deal? Let us review your Loan Documents for missed opportunities for discounts and savings. A CUTX Auto Loan Document Review is free and could save hundreds, or thousands!

GAP, VSC, Payment Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) For Less

CUTX typically charges significantly less for Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) than dealerships do. GAP covers the difference between your car’s depreciated value and your loan amount if your auto is stolen or totaled. Protect your vehicle for less with CUTX.

A Better Vehicle Service Contract

CUTX Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) cost hundreds less than most dealer plans and include 24/7 Roadside Protection, Road Hazard Tire Protection, Trip Interruption and Rental Vehicle Assistance. We cover what happens after the manufacturers warranty expires, for cars up to 20 years old! With low deductibles.

Payment Protection

With Payment Protection, your auto loan could be put on hold or paid in full in case of unexpected life events like a disabling illness or injury, involuntary unemployment, or death. Protect your investment in your vehicle with CUTX for less than what most dealers charge.

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Two More Ways to Shop For Vehicles

Shop Previously Leased Vehicles

Shop for deals on used vehicles through ReNew by FairLease. These vehicles were previously leased through FairLease and returned in great condition with good mileage. Click here to visit the FairLease website and see if any of these cars, trucks, or SUVs suit your fancy!

Save With an Auto Loan Refinance

Did you know you can refinance your vehicle loan? Many people find that when they refinance an auto with CUTX, they get a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment. Plus, CUTX offers 120 days with no payments. Same car, lower payment.

Leasing Vs. Buying

Leasing Might Be Right for You If….

  • You want to save 40–50% on your monthly payment versus buying.
  • Getting the car you want at a lower monthly payment is important to you.
  • You want to put no money down.
  • You like to get a new vehicle every 3–4 years.
  • You prefer Personal Vehicle Concierge taking the hassle of car/dealership shopping out of the equation, which includes delivery to your home or office.

Buying Might Be Right for You If….

  • You keep your cars for over 6 years.
  • You pay off your loans so that you won’t have payments for a few years.
  • You drive in excess of 20,000 miles per year.

Car Financing Tips

Prepare for Dealer Tactics

Dealer financing can include hidden costs. And dealers often use high pressure tactics: Dragging their feet until you’re tired and hungry; threatening you’ll lose out if you don’t sign; pretending to offer you a secret deal. Know the basics of auto financing before you go, and be prepared to walk away.

Rate Shop Before You Car Shop

People with excellent credit often qualify for loans at half the interest rate of those with poor credit. What you pay in interest makes a huge difference to your monthly payment. To understand what you can afford, know your score and shop for the best interest rate you can qualify for.

Budget for the Extra Costs

Guaranteed Asset Protection, Vehicle Service Contracts, and Payment Protection are costs often added when someone buys a car. However, dealers typically charge much more for these add-ons. Research these insurance plans and their costs before you agree to a loan or agree to these extras.

FAQ - Auto

  1. If you are a member of CUTX: Log in to online banking and make a payment with a funds transfer.
  2. If not a member: Use your financial institution to pay via Billpay
  3. Pay over phone: Call 972-263-9497, choose option 4 for Member Services ($15 Service Fee is applied to phone payments)
  4. Make a payment through Speedpay
  5. Make an automated payment through Telephone Teller:  Call 972-263-9497, choose option 1

Many sites, like Annual Credit Report, Credit Karma, and Nerd Wallet offer free credit scores. Getting your score will tell you what range of interest rate you can expect. It is also important to protect against a scam some dealers use of telling people their score is too low, and they need to pay a higher interest rate. You can use our calculators to figure out what kind of auto rate you may qualify for and roughly what your monthly payment might be.

Many experts suggest you “shop” for interest rates. That means you’ll have to go to various lenders’ web sites or offices and enter your information. They will do an instant credit check and give you an idea of what kind of interest rate they can offer. Even a two percent rate difference can mean thousands of dollars in long term costs, so getting a low rate is important.

If you are pre-approved for an auto loan before you begin car shopping, you know exactly how large a monthly payment you qualify for. This helps to narrow your search to cars you can afford. It also puts you in a better negotiating position with dealers who might otherwise craft a deal that would create a financial problem for you. Lenders who are not dealers don’t have cars to sell, and therefore tend to make loans that are not risky for borrowers.

The longer your loan term, the lower your payments will be. However, when you make payments for more than about five years, you run the risk of owing more than your car is worth. That’s called being “upside down.” Then you may not be able to sell your vehicle until you finish paying off the loan. The average auto loan is 65 months.

Lending institutions like credit unions will only lend you money for a car if your credit score and financial situation demonstrate you’re likely to be able to pay the loan. Likewise, some lenders only lend for a particular network of dealers, and some dealerships only work with a particular network of lenders. Finally, some lenders will not finance certain types of makes and models.

Auto loans can often be approved in only a few minutes, especially if you call or apply online. If you want to work directly with a person, you can always stop by one of our locations.

CUTX requires that you carry proper insurance on your loan. To verify insurance, please click here and provide the declaration page provided by your insurance company that shows Credit Union of Texas listed as lien holder. A copy of your insurance card is not acceptable for this documentation.

If you prefer to send us your proof of insurance by mail or fax, please mail a copy of your declarations page to:


PO Box 690588

San Antonio, TX 78269

This address is for providing proof of insurance only. Please do not send your loan payments to this address.)

You can also contact us with any other questions about providing proof of insurance at these numbers:

866-382-0069 Insurance Service Center

866-830-7922 Fax

1 - APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate shown is the lowest rate available for up to 24 months on new autos, up to 36 months on used, no additional discounts apply, and is accurate as of April 8, 2020. Loans and Rates are subject to credit approval. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Offer excludes all loans already financed at CUTX. Additional terms and conditions apply. Not a commitment to lend.

2 - Interest will accrue during the deferment period. To be eligible for the no payment for 120 days applicant must have FICO score of 680 or above.

3 - Rate discounts - Members may be eligible for the following rate discounts: .10% for autopay; .20% for military, veterans, educators, and first responders; .20% for using our Auto Market Dealer network.

4 - Credit cards, lines of credit, leases, home equity plans, mortgages, and loans more than 15 days past due are not eligible for skip-a-payment. Minimum of (4) four payments made on the loan. Interest will accrue during the skip pay period and when payment resumes unpaid interest will be collected first. Other eligibility requirements and processing fees apply.