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Secured Loan

Strengthen your standing, repair or build your credit, and get the money you need with a secured loan from CUTX.

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Credit Union of Texas Secured Personal Loan

Create a foundation today that sets the stage for the future. Paying off this loan on time can help you improve your credit score and provides money to pursue your goals.

  • Use your CUTX savings account or Certificate of Deposit as collateral
  • Your savings are frozen until you repay the loan, but your account continues to earn interest at all times
  • Make your payments and remain in good standing to use a secured loan to build credit

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Exclusive Secured Personal Loan Benefits Include

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Savings Secured Loan

If you need access to your savings sooner, you can borrow against your account with a rate of 7.25% APR**.

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CD Secured Loan

If you can leave your savings deposited longer, you can borrow against a CD with a rate that's 3.00%** above the CD earnings rate.

Easy Online Payments

There's no need to write a monthly check. Just go to your Online Banking page and make timely transfers to your loan account.

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Monitor Your Activity

Go online to take a closer look at where your money goes and how you're spending it so you can stay within budget.

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Funds For Anything

Use your secured personal loan money on whatever big plans you have or expenses you want to address.

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Get some financial breathing room when you need it by skipping a loan payment, as long as your secured personal loan is in good standing.

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General Secured Personal Loan FAQs

  1. If you're a CUTX member, log in to online banking and make a payment with a funds transfer.
  2. If you're not a member, use your financial institution to pay via Bill Pay.
  3. Make a payment through the payment system.
  4. Pay over phone: Call 972-263-9497, choose option 4 for Member Services ($15 Service Fee is applied to phone payments)
  5. Make an automated payment through Telephone Teller: Call 972-263-9497, choose option 1
First you'll want to determine how much money you want to secure in the loan. You'll also need to decide how long you want to repay the loan. To increase the chances of a positive impact on your credit score, speak to a lending specialist for minimum term recommendations.

Secondly, decide which type of secured loan you want to do. You can save time by opening the account and depositing your funds into it. Make notes of the account information so you can reference it when you apply for the loan.

Lastly, apply for the loan online and fill in all of the necessary details for the application. Once your loan funds, you will get all of your due dates and details so you can start making repayment arrangements.
In most cases we can fund your loan the same day!
If you don't need to access your money right away, a CD is a better choice because the interest rates you receive from a CD are higher than a savings account. If you need your money readily available, you might prefer a savings account.
Generally, the answer is yes. Since the loan is secured with your own money, there is a good chance of approval for those looking for a secured loan for bad credit scores in Texas.
It's our way of providing you some financial relief when you need it by allowing you to skip one payment on a qualified loan per year. "Qualified" means your payments must be up-to-date and you must have made at least four payments prior to skipping. Check out the details of Skip-A-Pay.


I always feel like I’ve been given the best advice for me and my family. They really do put their members first.
Sonya M.

Great services, excellent staff.

Syed W. H.

I simply love this credit union location. My family has gotten several auto loans and personal loans there. I have been a member for over 30 years and my children have accounts also.

Laretha S.

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**APR = Annual Percentage Rate