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We all go through rough times. That's when some extra money at the right moment can make a big difference in life.

A Loan That Fits Your Needs

Get a lump sum of cash to cover major costs. You're in control to address whatever comes up in life.

Personal Loans

We're here for you with a personal loan that can help keep your finances on track.

  • Use funds for any purpose
  • Take advantage of a low rate

Secured Loans

Borrow against your savings, and build up your credit in the process.

  • Use your CUTX savings account or CD as collateral
  • Your accounts earn interest at all times

Personal Line of Credit

With easy access to funds, this credit line can be a lifeline when you need money in a hurry.

  • Tap into cash easily online and through our mobile app
  • Pay interest only on amount borrowed

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