Bethany: Your Virtual Assistant

Bethany is your solution to quick financial assistance. Bethany is our virtual assistant that can help you 24/7 through our chat feature on the website and through our phone system. When calling in, simply say "Agent" or "Representative" to speak with a live agent. 

Banking Made Easier

Get help navigating all of CUTX's online tools and skipping the wait time on our phone line. Bethany uses artificial intelligence to better serve our members. 

Two Ways to Get Assistance with Bethany

Chat with Bethany

Meet Bethany, your personal financial guide available right at your fingertips! With a quick click on our website chat, Bethany is ready to assist you. Got a question about your account? Need help navigating our website? Bethany's got you covered! Get instant answers and expert guidance, making your banking experience smoother and more efficient. 

Talk with Bethany on the Phone

Introducing Bethany – your ultimate phone companion for hassle-free banking! Skip the long wait times and dial into convenience with Bethany. Need to check your account balance? Want to pay a bill in a snap? Bethany's here to make it happen. Just pick up your phone, connect with Bethany, and breeze through your transactions with speed and ease. Your banking, your way, with Bethany by your side!

When calling in, simply say "Agent" or "Representative" to speak with a live agent. 

Need More Personalized Service? Schedule a Virtual Appointment with a CUTX Employee.

See the many benefits of a Virtual Appointment below!

  • Convenient Scheduling: Members can schedule appointments at their convenience, avoiding long wait times and ensuring a dedicated time slot to address their needs.

  • Flexible Interaction: Members have the freedom to choose their preferred mode of communication, whether it's through video, audio, phone, or text chat, making the process more comfortable and accommodating.

  • Personalized Assistance: Virtual appointments allow for personalized one-on-one attention from a teller, ensuring that members' specific questions and concerns are addressed accurately and comprehensively.

  • Expert Guidance: Screen sharing during video appointments allows tellers to provide step-by-step guidance for complex tasks such as application submissions or website navigation, ensuring members complete tasks correctly.

Schedule an Appointment

Digital Banking, Your Way.