Loans for Home Improvements & Renovations

With rates as low as

3.75 %APR1


Use The Money In Your Home To Fund Your Renovations

Leveraging the equity you've earned in your home is one of the best ways to fund home improvements. You can save thousands in interest by using a Home Equity Loan2 or HELOC to fund your renovations, versus using an unsecured loan or line of credit from your local home improvement store.

Two Home Improvement Financing Options

Home Equity Loans

Some home improvement projects are bigger than others, so having the ability to take out a lump sum to make your home dreams come true is exactly what a low interest rate Home Equity Loan allows you to do. Because they offer the lowest rates, they are also perfect for refinances and loan consolidations.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)

Instead of dealing with the high-interest credit cards, try a Home Equity Line of Credit. It has competitive rates and allows you to pull out the exact amount you need when you need it. And best of all, you only pay interest on what you borrow, making it an ideal solution for homeowners who have the flexibility to pay down the balance throughout the draw period.

Calculate Your Home Equity Payment

Estimate your available home equity and what your monthly payment might be with the CUTX Home Equity Loan Payment Calculator

You Have

of available equity

according to Texas Law

Payment Calculator is intended to provide estimates for research purposes only. Your actual payment details and interest rate may vary depending on your credit score and other factors.

Which CUTX Home Improvement Loan Should You Get?

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