Join CUTX At The 2nd Annual Latina Equal Pay Day Conference

Published March 1, 2019

The Texas Latina Coalition is hosting their 2nd Annual Latina Equal Pay Day Conference; its aim is to help Latinas who want to succeed in the workplace.

The 2nd Annual Equal Pay Day Conference provides four tracks attendees can choose from, specializing the experience to be relevant and helpful to their needs.

The four tracks, each with three workshops, are as follows:

Track 1:Placing Your Daughters on the Road to Success! This track is aimed at parents, teachers, and mentors who want to help their children or students succeed.

Track 2: Empowering the Non-English Speaking Latina. Presented in Spanish, this track focuses on arming non-English speaking individuals with the knowledge and tools to confidently find good work.

Track 3: Show Me The Money. Track 3 focuses on mentoring those in entry-level jobs. Here they'll learn their rights in the workplace and receive advice on how to find that "dream job."

Track 4: How to Close the Wage Gap. This track coaches professional women on how to advance in their chosen career.

Among the many presenters, you can catch three of CUTX's own–Hazel Moreno, Carlos Martinez, and Ana Ortiz. Utilizing their experience working for both secondary and higher education schools, Carlos and Hazel will teach a workshop on how to prepare for the costs of college and the resources that exist to reduce those costs. Ana, the Director of Business Development at CUTX, will join a panel of professionals sharing their unconventional stories of success. Other notable speakers include Betty Manetta, president and CEO of Argent Associates, and Federal Government Executive, Grace Protos.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, October 8, 2016
  • Time: 8:00AM to 1:00PM
  • Location: Eastfield College, Pleasant Grove Campus
  • 802 South Buckner Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75217

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