The Convenient Way to Get Things Done

Schedule bill payments, transfer funds, purchase items, apply for loans, all from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Online and Mobile Banking make managing your money easy. And we help you keep track of your money with text alerts about outgoing transactions. It’s your money at your fingertips.

Make The Most of Online Banking

Control Your Money

Online banking lets you track and budget your money at your convenience. Check your balances, see transactions in real time, transfer funds, open new accounts, set up account alerts, and even apply for loans. Pair it with mobile banking for maximum flexibility.

Download The CUTX Mobile Banking App

CUTX mobile banking lets you do everything you can do in online banking, from wherever you are. Available for all iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store or Google Play. And for simple transactions, you can even utilize Text Banking without having to log in at all.

Pay Your Bills Online With Bill Pay

Sign up for online Bill Pay for through Online Banking. You can pay any bill from your computer in a few clicks. Reduce your paper piles and any worry about missing a payment. Plus, it’s easy to budget with your regular bills scheduled out ahead.

Go Paperless With eStatements

Electronic statements look just like paper ones. But they take up no space in your desk and only a tiny bit of your hard drive or external file storage. And you can download them from CUTX whenever you like. Enroll in eStatements through Online Banking.

Auto Calculators

With our calculators you can see different payment options plus buying vs. leasing options side-by-side.

Set Up Account Alerts Through Online Banking

Debit Card Alerts

We’ll keep an eye on your debit card for you with Text Alerts that let you know if there’s a transaction or question on your card. Log in to CUTX online banking and look under Card Transactions. Find Settings and Alerts and activate the Debit Card Fraud Alerts and Transaction Alerts.

Online Transaction Alerts

We can notify you about all kinds of transactions happening in your account: International Transactions, Online Transactions, Declined Transactions, and Transactions Greater Than a number you specify. The default is to receive alerts via email, but if you choose the text delivery option, the messages come in real time.

Security Alerts

You don’t have to sign up for security alerts. If we see a transaction that looks like possible fraud, we’ll block it and text several transactions for you to validate. If you validate them, we unlock the card and you do the transaction. If you reject them, we block the card until you contact us.

Fast & Easy Text Banking

With Text Banking, you can perform basic banking transactions via text message. To enroll, simply log onto online banking, under Services select Text Enrollment. Slide the Text Enrollment option to On and agree to the terms and conditions. Next, Under Settings and Alerts, select the SMS/Text option for each account.

Text Banking Commands

Once you've enrolled and set up Text Banking, you can text any of these commands to 226563 to perform these types of transactions - without having to log in to Online or Mobile Banking every time.

Text Command Action
BAL or BAL [account nickname] Receive account balance. If no account nickname is included, the balances of all enabled accounts will be listed.
HIST [account nickname] Receive list of most recent 10 transactions.
XFER [account nickname] to [account nickname] [amount] Transfer funds between accounts. Use first 4 letters of account name as displayed in Online Banking under SMS/ Text Display Name. Please enter dollar and cents with decimal (i.e. 100.00).
LIST Receive a list of available text commands.
HELP Receive a list of contact points for information on Text Banking.
STOP Stop all text messages to the mobile device (for text banking and SMS alerts/ notifications).

Download the Text Banking Setup Instructions and Commands here.

FAQ - Online & Mobile Banking

Go to this link and enroll. This is the first step in getting access to online bill pay, eStatements, mobile banking and so much more!

If you see a message saying you are locked out of Online Banking please contact us directly for assistance. The most common reasons you may be locked out of Online Banking are:

  • Too many attempts entering the incorrect password
  • Incorrect Login ID
  • Incorrect Password
  • Incorrect Secure Access Code

If you forgot your Login ID or you are not receiving your Secure Access Codes, please contact us for assistance. If you forgot your password, please click here.

If you have signed up for online banking, just download the CUTX mobile app and register through the app. Then sign up for all the cool stuff that comes with it! Available for all iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Enroll in online banking and find Bill Pay in the menu. You can follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to enroll in Bill Pay, set up your payees, and set up one-time and recurring payments. Or you can check out these Bill Pay video tutorials for step-by-step instructions.

Log in to CUTX online banking. Under Card Transactions, find Settings and Alerts, and activate the Debit Card Fraud Alerts and Transaction Alerts. We can notify you about debit transactions, international transactions, online transactions, declined transaction, and transactions greater than a number you specify. The default is to receive alerts via email, but if you choose the text message delivery option, they come in real time.