When is the next shred day?

Shred Day, Every Day

At CUTX, the security of our members' information is a top priority. That is why, to make it even more convenient for our members, CUTX offers year-round shred services at all of our branch locations. Members may bring in one banker-sized box (12" x 10" x 15") of items for shredding services per month. Here's how it will work. Bring your box of items to your nearest CUTX branch and check in with one of the branch employees. You'll be asked for your member number and then your items will be taken to one of our locked shred bins located in a secure area of the branch by one of our employees. Your box will then be returned to you. Please be aware that access to the secure area is limited to authorized personnel only, so you will not be able to watch your items being shredded. The bin capacity at branch locations does require us to limit shred amounts to one banker-sized box per member per month and, there may be instances where the shred bins are at capacity. We are excited to offer this service to our members and we hope that you will find it just one more perk of being a member at CUTX!