What are Debit Card Fraud Alerts?

Having your debit card declined is never any fun--especially when you KNOW you have funds in your account to cover the expense. With CUTX's new Debit Card Fraud Alerts, you can avoid the embarrassment of a declined transaction due to suspected fraud.

Here's how it works:

Behind the scenes, our card processor constantly monitors card behavior. When a transaction occurs that looks abnormal for that particular member's behavior, fraud rules block the transaction until the member contacts CUTX to review the card activity. With Debit Card Fraud Alerts, members who opt in for the alerts will receive a real-time text if their debit card is blocked for suspected fraud. The text will provide the alerted transaction for the member to validate. If the member replies to the text that the transaction is good, the card is unlocked immediately and the transaction is approved. If the alerted transaction is fraudulent, the member can reject the transaction and their card is permanently blocked. The member should then contact CUTX to request a new card.

Members can also set up transactional alerts (i.e., international transaction, online transaction, etc.) to be notified when this type of card transaction occurs. As long as your destination (mobile phone number) is registered on the Fraud Alerts screen, you will receive fraud text alerts even if they don't register for the transactional alerts.

Members can opt in to the Debit Card Fraud Alerts in online banking under Settings and Alerts.

If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.