What is same day ACH?

The future of payments is here. A new rule implemented by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), which went into effect on September 15, 2017, allows most ACH transactions to be processed and posted the same day they are authorized. What does this mean for me? In short, it is important to make sure there are enough funds in your account to cover any transaction you are authorizing to be paid from your account. When you authorize a payment to pull from your account via ACH payment (whether through an online bill payment system, a payment authorized by phone, or in person with a check or debit card) with Same Day ACH if sufficient funds are not available in your account the same day posting could cause the account to be overdrawn. Overall, Same Day ACH processing will allow for faster access to funds transferred between accounts. Previously, you would only see payments deducted from your account once per day from bill payments or checks cleared through ACH. Beginning September 15th, you will see those transactions post throughout the business day. With Same Day ACH, debit payments may be withdrawn from your account the same day the check is presented or the payment is made when you:

  • Give a check to a merchant who converts it into an ACH item. For example: You write a check to a branch or Doctor's office, they process the check then hand you the paper check back.
  • Make a checking account payment to a business online or by phone. Previously, that debit could have taken as long as 1 or 2 days to process.

To be safe, you should always ensure there are enough funds in your account to cover your transactions at the time you authorize payment. You can check your balances 24/7 online at CUTX.org or on the go using our mobile app.