What is a digital wallet?



Look for the preloaded mobile wallet app on your phone, or download it from the App branch or Google Play. You may need to set up the fingerprint scanner.

Snap a photo of your Credit or Debit MasterCard and enter your security code. Follow the steps provided to verify your card with CUTX.

Authorize purchases with the touch of a finger. Just unlock your device and tap near a compatible card reader.

Tap. Pay. Done!

A Credit or Debit MasterCard from Credit Union of Texas gives you the freedom to pay the way you want, wherever you shop. Now, you can make purchases more efficiently with Digital Wallet. Just add your CUTX MasterCard to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. It's a safe and simple way to pay almost anywhere.

You'll get the same great rewards and benefits that come with your card, plus the convenience of your mobile device. branch your account info securely and enjoy fast, easy checkout in-branch, in-app or online. Just choose your device, load your cards and tap to pay. If you feel like James Bond scanning your fingerprint or you wave your phone at the register like a Jedi, we won't judge.