Traditional vs. Flex Auto Loan

Published February 1, 2021

What is the difference between traditional car loan financing and the new flex auto loan?

In this example we are looking at a Toyota Camry. For the same purchase price of $27,238. You add your tax, title and licence of $1,797 We're going to go ahead and add some auto protections onto your loan of $1,500 This will give you a total finance amount of $30,535 That will be the same for a traditional loan, or the new FLEX Auto loan. The difference is the residual. On a traditional loan it would be zero. On a FLEX Auto loan it would be $14,100. Plus you have those four end of term options. So that would make your monthly payment on a traditional loan $880, and a new FLEX Auto loan $520. That's going to save you 40% on this new loan. If you're ready to get the car and the payment you want, you can give us a call, or go to any one of our 16 locations, or apply online at

Flex Auto Loan Key Takeaways

  • Save up to  40% with a Flex Auto Loan vs. Traditional Financing

  • Get the Car and the Payment You Want!

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