Accounts To Consider When Getting Married

Save Money Toward Your Dreams

You have big dreams: to travel, buy a house, start a family. Work together on those dreams with a CUTX Savings Account. Earn interest with only $100 accrued. We also have a Holiday Savings Account to ensure you’re all set to cover holiday travel and gifts when the time comes.

Create a Joint Checking Account

The more you have in your CUTX Checking Account, the more interest you earn. So pool your resources in a Secure or Secure PLUS account with tons of benefits including earned interest, numerous buyer protection policies including extended warranties, great mobile banking tech, and perks.

Money Market Accounts, For the Future

Money Market Accounts are for saving toward those investments you dream for your future. When you need liquidity, but also want to earn better than market rates, Money Markets start with a minimum balance of only $1,000. Or check out Premium and Mega Money Market Accounts.

Building Joint Credit

Getting a New Car Together

CUTX generally offers much lower interest rates on auto loans than dealers do. And being prequalified makes negotiating for a lower price much easier. Talk to a CUTX auto loan specialist before you begin car shopping to ensure the best rate and know precisely what you can afford.

Sharing a Credit Card Account

Credit cards are usually one person’s responsibility; the spouse is an authorized user with the same power to use the card as the owner. If one of you needs to build credit, the other might be a co-signer on the card. CUTX has credit cards with low rates, big rewards, and lots of extras.

Buying a New Home Together

Your home is like a canvas where you’ll create your new life. This includes your financial life. CUTX has low rates and we can help you decide the optimal mortgage amount and terms for you. Begin by getting prequalified, so you know what you can afford before you start home shopping.

FAQs - Getting Married

There are advantages and disadvantages to* *both options. If you have separate accounts, you retain more financial freedom, but paying joint bills becomes more complicated. Separate accounts also may be a tempting option if one person has better financial discipline than the other. However, since any loans you enter into may be affected by both your credit, shared accounts may help you work together to raise scores and prepare for joint financial responsibility.

Often, underwriters will look at the lowest credit score to make a decision about a loan, such as a mortgage. If only the partner with the high credit score applies, only their income will be considered. There are loans specifically for people with lower credit scores, such as Federal Housing Authority mortgages. At CUTX we can help you strategize the best way to manage your finances to strengthen both your credit scores.

CUTX works to make managing your finances easier by having all the financial vehicles you might need—checking and savings accounts, investments, loans. And our online and mobile banking let you handle all your transactions from wherever you are. So if everything is in one place, managing your is much less complicated.