Want To Buy That Car You’re Leasing?

Written by Daniel Mennega
Published February 6, 2019
How lease buyouts work How lease buyouts work

If so, several factors should play into your choice. We’ve gathered a few here to help guide your decision.

Maybe you’re crazy about the car. You’ve been its only driver. All the maintenance paperwork is right there in the glove box. No scratches or door-dings in sight. Why wouldn’t you buy this car?

For most of us, the choice is probably not that easy. But it doesn’t have to be agonizing, either. Here’s a checklist of typical reasons people buy the car they’re leasing. How well do you fit the profile?

  • You have a good vehicle that rolls where you drive it.
  • You’ve taken proper care of your auto – both on the road and with regular servicing.
  • The vehicle’s residual value – the price you’ll be paying – is below its current market value, giving you a built-in coupon.
  • You’re not interested in leasing right now.
  • You want to avoid car shopping at all costs.

Any one of these could be a valid reason for taking the relationship long-term. FairLease customers enjoy yet another benefit: As a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Union of Texas, we can directly connect you to one of our loan officers to help with financing.

If that’s the ticket for you, call us to start your lease buyout process. Then sit back, relax, kick your feet up and be confident you made the right decision.

Buying your car for all the wrong reasons?

Leasing has been a great option for you, but perhaps you’re worried about facing extra charges for damage or over-mileage when you return your leased vehicle. Purchasing, you think, lets you avoid having to pay those costs. But that’s not a valid reason to buy. This could actually put you in a bad LTV position on your car and make it very difficult for you to ever get rid of it.

Unlike leasing companies who exploit these fears, FairLease inspects only for major damage, not normal wear and tear. Likewise, our .10 cents per mile overage fee is less than half the rate of some others.

You deserve to feel self-assured working with us, not fearful and skeptical. Your FairLease consultant will help you make the best decision about whether to lease again or buy your vehicle. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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