How FairLease Compares to Other Leasing Companies

Written by Daniel Mennega
Published February 6, 2019
FairLease provides a stellar customer experience compared to other Dallas leasing companies FairLease provides a stellar customer experience compared to other Dallas leasing companies

It’s not hard to see why customers trust FairLease.

Some people think, "A leasing company is a leasing company, right? All the same to me."

Too many consumers wrongly believe that our nation’s laws and regulations automatically ensure that any leasing partner they choose is just as good and safe as the next. Yes, business rules and consumer protections help keep things fair. But there’s a lot of wiggle room for unscrupulous lease providers to exploit consumers and hide unfavorable terms via fine print, fast-talking jargon, vague definitions, and old-fashioned sales pressure.

By contrast, FairLease grounds its business strategy in integrity, transparency, and service. It is unusual positioning in a marketplace dominated by a profits-first, consumers-second mentality. Here are some examples of the leasing experience, from start to finish.

Hi there. Your credit score, please.

For many consumers, a visit to the car dealership begins with an immediate credit check. "After all," the dealer reasons, "why waste my time?" But for FairLease, authentic service requires a full understanding of their customer’s bigger picture, not simply what he or she looks like "on paper."

Then, with all the real-world factors on the table, both parties can land on a payment structure that meets FairLease’s business goals and also makes the customer happy – without focusing exclusively on the often intimidating credit check.

Know your overall cost of leasing

FairLease pledges transparency in sharing the overall costs of a leasing agreement. All of them. Too many leasing companies tout the lower payments most leases provide as compared to purchase installments, but they play peek-a-boo with other factors that may play against the customer’s interest over the lease term.

Simplify leasing complexity

Leasing terms themselves can mislead (intentionally or not): a customer may happily sign into a long-term lease with low annual mileage limits because of low payments without understanding the risks of repairs and mileage overage fees inherent to those terms.

Leasing contracts can be complex. FairLease strives to point out how decisions about one lease provision can affect the entire arrangement. The result is that FairLease consumers make more informed, confident, and wise decisions. Check out our web page for testimonials.

FairLease is looking for lifetime relationships

Another example: other companies leverage end-of-lease fees and procedures as a final chance to squeeze out maximum profits via overage fees and stringent inspection penalties. FairLease views the end of a lease as an opportunity to nurture and further a long-term relationship. Here’s how:

Unlike leasing companies who exploit these fears, FairLease reasonably inspects only for major damage, not normal wear and tear. Likewise, the per-mile overage fee is well below the industry average and less than half the rate of many companies.

Trustworthiness surpasses all

Yes, leasing companies can look the same. But it pays to be choosy. In the end, customer satisfaction and trust are the top priorities at FairLease, and that is easy to see.

Thinking About Leasing Your Next Car?

Leasing your next car, truck, or SUV through FairLease is a great idea if you prefer to upgrade vehicles every few years. You can save 40% to 50% on your monthly payment versus buying the same car, or you can opt to get into a nicer ride with more features! Learn more about FairLease here, or fill out this form and we'll give you a call!