New Credit Cards

CUTX is transitioning to a new credit card vendor on June 19, 2021. Your current credit card will remain active without disruption. There is no action required to ensure your card still works as normal. Rates and terms are not affected.

What is Changing?

Unifying our credit and debit card platforms will create a streamlined experience for our members. Contact information (phone, address) will change and a notice will be mailed to you, including a sticker with the new phone number to apply on the back of your card. AccessPoint will replace MyCard Info. Members will receive new cards upon expiration.


There is a new phone number for Member Services.

It is (866) 604-8156.


P.O. Box 660493, Dallas, TX 75266-0493

Overnight Payments:

560 Carillion Pkwy, St. Petersburg, FL 33716


Cash Advances will be temporarily unavailable at our branch locations beginning June 14th through June 19th.


We are here to help! If you have any questions about these changes, contact CUTX at (972) 263-9497.

New Contact Information starting June 19, 2021

Member Service Phone Number 866-604-8156
Card Activation 800-631-3197
Cardholder PIN Now Phone Number 888-886-0083
Loyalty Rewards Phone Number 800-637-7728
Fraud Detection Work Center 888-918-7313
Payment Address PO BOX 660493
Dallas, TX 75266-0493

Overnight Payments
(For FedEx/UPS Overnight Payments)
560 Carillon Parkway
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

FAQ - Credit Card Transition

CUTX would like to offer its members a unified card platform. By having both debit and credit on one platform, we can provide our members a better experience by streamlining systems and reducing friction.

This is scheduled for June 19, 2021.

Members should not feel any impact by the change as we are not issuing new cards.

No, members will not need to do anything.

No, members can continue to use their current card without disruption. When their card expires a new one will be issued.

No, the rates and terms will remain the same.

No, you do not need to notify any merchants you currently have set up on auto pay.

Members will have 3 months of transaction history and members can reach out to us for previous statements.

No, you will not lose your rewards. We may have different rewards options for you but you will still have access to your points.

Yes. The new address for payments is:
PO Box 660493
Dallas, TX 75266-0493

If an overnight payment is needed, it can be sent to:
560 Carillon Parkway
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

No. For 24-hour customer assistance, the number is: 866-604-8156. The number to report your card lost/stolen is: 866-604-8156 or for members out of the country: 727-299-2449.

No, members will not need to re-enroll.

Yes, you will be able to see your card balance in online banking as well as your transaction history.