Mobile Banking Tutorial Video Transcripts

Mobile Banking Overview

Mobile Banking allows you to manage finances on-the-go, away from your office or home computer. Our Mobile Banking app is available for both Apple and Android devices. It can be accessed with a smartphone or a tablet. Our app holds the same experience across all compatible devices. Popular features include reviewing account balances and details, transferring money between accounts, depositing checks from anywhere, and even managing business finances. We're happy to offer a state-of-the-art Mobile Banking service, and we prepared these few videos to help you get the most out of it.

Downloading the App

To download and install our Mobile Banking app, start by opening either the App Store for Apple iOS devices, or Google Play for Android devices. Once in the App Store or Google Play, look for the search feature and enter our name to search for the app. Select it and then press "Get" or "install". If required, enter your User ID and password to complete the installation. Now you're ready to open the app and log in for the first time.

Mobile Banking Interface

Our Mobile Banking app lets you quickly complete important financial tasks from wherever you are. You first see a list of your accounts and their respective balances, the same as your Online Banking home page. Tapping on an account takes you to more balance information and a list of the account's transactions. You can scroll through the transaction history with a swipe of your finger. Tapping the "Menu" button in the upper- left-hand corner slides over a list of all the features available within Mobile Banking. Every function found within Online Banking is also available in our mobile app.

Mobile Deposit

With the snap of a photo, your device can act as your own personal bank teller. Mobile Deposit is included in our app and is compatible with any Android or Apple device with a working camera. First, find the Mobile Deposit feature in your Mobile Banking menu. Select the account where you'd like to deposit the check. Enter the amount of the check. Tap the "Capture Image" button to activate your device's camera. Take a picture of the front and back of the check, confirming all four corners are visible. Make sure the picture on the back has the endorsement on the left side of the image. While your deposit processes, you can see details about it in the sidebar of the Mobile Deposit page. From here, you can monitor the status of the deposit, or review the details of the check.

Text Banking

To enroll in Text Banking, go to "Text Enrollment" in your Mobile Banking menu. Toggle the feature on or off with the switch at the top of the page. Enter the phone number you wish to use in the field below. In the Account Preferences page, enable each account you'd like to use and set nicknames for them. Now you're ready to use Text Banking. From the mobile phone you enrolled, send us a text message with a request. We will complete the task and then reply to you with a text. Text the word "List" to receive a list of all Text Banking command words.

Touch ID

Our app is designed to work with Touch ID on compatible Apple devices. Log in to our Mobile Banking app. Open the menu and find Security Preferences. Tap the toggle switch to turn on Touch ID. Tap "Continue" to confirm activation, then authorize it by entering your login information. The Mobile Banking app login screen now shows a fingerprint rather than the standard ID and password fields. Hold your finger on your device’s home button until you are logged in.