Hometown Hero Richard Delarosa

Written by Credit Union of Texas
Published April 24, 2019
student volunteers and outreach student volunteers and outreach

A classroom doesn’t have to be confined to just four walls. In Wylie, Texas, students are given the opportunity to attend a classroom in 400 acres of the Blackland Prairie area at Collins County Adventure Camp, and resident Richard Delarosa is more than excited to help them get there.

Each year fifth grade students from Wylie schools are given the chance to attend the Adventure camp for three days. Though initially, it might not seem like a long time, this trip gives students the unique opportunity to bond with each other as well as involve themselves in interactive and educational activities. No matter the time of day, students can enjoy meaningful and fun experiences such as lake and forest adventures, stargazing and nature scene investigations. This break from traditional school is exciting for many students, but unfortunately because of the cost, not all of them can attend.

When Mr. Delarosa heard from a staffer of the camp that there were some students who were unable to attend, he immediately jumped in to help. He wanted every student to have an equal chance to join and be part of the experience, so he began donating his own funds to help the disadvantaged students to attend.

After donating and hearing accounts of the positive impact this camp has had on the children who attend, Mr. Delarosa began to encourage many others around him to also donate money to the students. The funds that Richard helps gather eases the financial burden for many students by covering the entire cost of attending, from transportation to meals and other team building exercises.

Mr. Delarosa was so inspired to help these students, he didn’t just limit his giving to money; he also donates his time. This past year he drove one of the buses to the camp to drop off and pick up the students. He recalled the excitement in the air as the children were getting ready to attend the three-day camp. Even more fulfilling was listening to how the students happily relived their experiences on the way back home.

Supporting underprivileged kids and giving them an experiential learning opportunity is important to Mr. Delarosa, and he currently has no end in sight for helping these children. He continues to spread the message of the importance of investing in students as well as providing an equal opportunity to the community around him.

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